Professional CMake:

A Practical Guide

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Coupon Codes

Buying Professional CMake: A Practical Guide on behalf of someone else? Want to buy multiple copies at a significant discount? Purchase coupon codes and give them to recipients, who can use them to redeem a free copy. See the FAQ below for further details.


Coupon codes may not be resold, and violation will result in all codes for the order being forfeited. A specific exception for purchasing services is noted in this FAQ item.



50% discount



66% discount



76% discount

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the coupon codes used?

Go to the main book page, enter the coupon code in the input field provided and click on the REDEEM COUPON button. This will open a checkout form with the coupon code pre-filled. If the coupon code is valid, the checkout will show a price of zero. After completing the checkout process, your download link will be emailed to the address you provided during checkout. You will also have access to all future updates just like an ordinary purchase.

It is up to the purchaser how and when they distribute each coupon code. The codes are not time-limited. For companies making a bulk purchase for their staff, extra codes can be held in reserve and given to new staff members who join the company in the future.

Will I be notified when all codes have been used?

No, the purchaser is responsible for keeping track of who they allocate each code to and which codes are still available for redemption.

Can I get a partial refund for unused coupon codes?

No, all purchases are non-refundable. Coupon codes are not time-limited though, so they can be held for future use (e.g. when new staff members join the company).

We are a purchasing service for third parties. Can we buy codes on behalf of our clients?

Some services have commercial arrangements with other companies which require that company’s staff to purchase books and other learning resources through them. If you are such a service, you are permitted to buy coupon codes for the other company’s staff, but you must pass on the full discount provided by the bulk purchase. You are not permitted to act as a reseller.