Consulting Services

Reap the benefits of having a CMake co-maintainer and experienced cross-platform C++ developer work directly with your team

Crascit Pty Ltd provides professional consulting services to the software development industry, with a particular focus on CMake, build/release processes and cross-platform C++ development. These services are provided by the company founder, Craig Scott, who is one of the CMake co-maintainers and also the author of the book Professional CMake: A Practical Guide. He is ideally placed to bring authoritative expertise to your projects and to up-skill your software teams. Leverage his experience of 19 years working across diverse environments including scientific research, enterprise, startup and consumer devices. Give your teams the boost they need to improve productivity and be more effective.

CMake And C++ Development Services

CMake has become somewhat of a de facto standard for build systems in the C++ world. When teams want to migrate to CMake or to update their projects to the latest best practices, they do not always have the in-house knowledge or available capacity to perform this work themselves. The services offered by Crascit Pty Ltd are an ideal solution to this problem, as they enable maintainer-level expertise to be brought into projects right at the point where it is most needed. Available services include:

  • Setting up or converting projects to CMake.
  • Updating existing CMake projects to improve robustness, efficiency and adopt current best practices.
  • Solving specific build issues and advising on structural challenges.
  • Setting up continuous integration systems.
  • Automating the creation of release packages.
  • Extending C++ projects to support new platforms.
  • C++ code restructuring and general C++ development.

If you are interested in any of these services or other activities related to CMake, C++ or build/release processes, please get in contact to discuss your needs.

Training And Events

Would your team benefit from a CMake workshop or other forms of hands-on training? Perhaps you have a particular area you would like to target or you want to establish a common foundation across the whole development team. Alternatively, you may be interested in having Craig Scott involved in your event as a speaker or educator (see his CppCon 2019 talk Deep CMake For Library Authors for a sample). For these or other training or education-related matters, please get in touch to discuss opportunities.