Professional CMake:

A Practical Guide

Learn to use CMake effectively with practical advice from a CMake co-maintainer. You can also have the author work directly with your team!

Release Notes

This is the change history for the book Professional CMake: A Practical Guide. The table below summarizes the set of published editions and their release date. Click through for a detailed list of changes for each release.

VersionRelease date
18th Edition28th March 2024
17th Edition24th January 2024
16th Edition25th October 2023
15th Edition9th May 2023
14th Edition4th January 2023
13th Edition29th September 2022
12th Edition11th April 2022
11th Edition7th December 2021
10th Edition2nd August 2021
9th Edition26th April 2021
8th Edition4th January 2021
7th Edition11th August 2020
6th Edition28th April 2020
5th Edition10th December 2019
4th Edition18th July 2019
3rd Edition15th March 2019
2nd Edition*12th December 2018
1st Edition*10th July 2018

* The 1st Edition included a few minor updates and followed a X.Y.Z versioning scheme. The 2nd Edition was initially released as v1.1.0 on 21st November 2018 but was formally published as the 2nd Edition on 12th December 2018.